The Willow Whistle

Carving the Whistle

sliver.jpg - 62.05 K Cut a deep notch into the wood like the one on the left. There should be a mark on the twig where you cut out the notch in the bark before you slipped it. Line up the straight edge of the notch in the twig with the straight edge of the notch you made in your bark. The longer your notch is the lower the note you whistle will play. Be careful here, remember to always cut away from yourself! One slip here could lead to a nasty injury if you are cutting towards yourself.

Don't make your notch too long, you want your bark to be airtight against the bark on the twig when you put it back on. Don't make your notch so deep that you weaken and break your whistle.

Take a small sliver off wood off the top between the deep notch and the mouth. Don't cut too much here, you can always cut more later if you can't get air through.

whistlenude.jpg - 39.89 K

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