Schizoaffective Disorder Links
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eyes.gif - 2.86 K Schizoaffective Disorder: Just a Set of Symptoms or a Separate Disease?
Prodrome to Psychotic Disorders
ICD-10 criteria for Schizoaffecive Disorder.
DSM-IV criteria for Schizoaffecive Disorder.
Another fact-sheet on Schizoaffecive Disorder
Is "Schizoaffecive" a valid diagnosis?
Similarities and differences between Bipolar and Schizoaffecive.
More on the differences between Bipolar and Schizoaffecive.
The Harvard Mental Health Letter discusses Schizoaffecive Disorder.
American criteria for Schizoaffecive Disorder.
A fact sheet on Schizoaffecive Disorder.
The heterogeneity of Schizoaffecive Disorder.
Research on causes of Schizoaffecive Disorder.
The treatment of people with Schizoaffecive Disorder.
More on the treatment of people with Schizoaffecive Disorder
The psychopharmacologic treatment of indiviudals with Schizoaffecive disorder.
MEDLINE citations of the treatment of people with Schizoaffecive Disorder.
The prognosis of patients with Schizoaffecive Disorder.
Jan 98 Ask the Expert - Schizoaffective?
Definitions and coping
Schizoaffecive Books
Fact Sheet
Schizoaffective Disorder and the genetics of affective disorders and schizophrenia.
information for families about Schizoaffective disorder
Research on the treatment of Schizoaffecive Disorder.
Treatment of Schizoaffecive disorder.
Schizoaffecive Books
What is it
Better A Better What is it Page

Other Stuff

Warning this first link is very triggery (upsetting) for past
and present Mental Health Abuse Victims
This event occurred on June 2 1999
A poem about SZ-A by someone with SZ-A
What it is like to be a Mental Patient
(spoiler triggery for mental health abuse victims)

Excellent Schizophrenia Description

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Schizoaffective Message Board
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All this noise is a bit like the way it is for me at times.
The borg thing represents an obsessive thought that won't go away.

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