Katie's Story
by 25 year old

Comments: I was diagnosed with schitzoaffective disorder when I was fifteen years old, although I had known there was something wrong with me for some time before that. I am now 25 and I have been on more medications than I can remember. I had ECT when I was 17 and to this day I swear that my memeory is still affected by it.

I am lucky in many respects though. I have a suportive family; without them I can't bear to think where I might be now. I have been able to hold down a full time job for nearly 5 years. People like me and I'm respected at my work. I've made a couple of friends over the years, which to me is my biggest accomplishment. For a long time it was too painful to even look at people because I "knew" that they hated me and that they would harm me in some terrible way. My doctor calls me a "success story," but that doesn't mean I don't struggle some days.

I'm going through a medication change right now because my mood stabilizor and anti-psychotic have stopped working. It's necessary to change up my medicine every year or so because I become immune to them and I start to slide down the slippery slope we all know so well. I'm taking a little time off until my new medications kick in. Because I had this illness during my formitive years, I'm socially and developmentaly behind my peers. I feel like a 17 year old in 25 year old's body and only now am I beginning to understand who I am.