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Mr. Leede, I don't want to believe it.

leedecucumbers.jpg - 15988 Bytes(1978 class field trip to Vashon island)

Mr. Leede was my fourth grade teacher. He inspired me and made me feel worth while after I had flunked 3rd grade. I owe him a lot. For what it's worth he never tried to touch me. He was an energetic and enthusiastic teacher.


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I've seen his mug shot.. he sure looks different now.

Excepts from the old Guestbook:

Sunday 10/15/2006 12:52:04am
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Comments: Been many years, but I think Carl Leede was the brother of Jim Leede, who died in a horrible wreck in 1976 or '77. Ive been trying to find more about what really happened with my friend Jim. Four people died.

I was back east when it happened. I didn't find out about it until a couple of years later. I'd really like to know what happened.

Wednesday 02/23/2005 10:22:07pm
Comments: He was my favorite teacher and the charges, even if they were true don't amount to a hill of beans! What a loss this is for the pupils of Northshore school district. Mr. Leede was fair and kind and made me feel special. He was never abusive or weird in any way.

I too went to Vashon island as part of the reading club. It was in his class that I learned to love reading. I was the number one reader in his 4th grade class and went on to be number on in 5th grade. Perhaps it was in my nature to be a good reader but Mr. Leede brought it out in me.

My now 8 year old who is in 2cd grade is described as "head and shoulders" above all her classmates in reading. My love of reading may have been passed on to her. I take her on library trips. Perhaps she has gained from my having had Mr. Leede as a teacher all those years ago.

My self esteem was shot full of holes by flunking 3rd grade but Mr. Leede treated me with respect and he helped my self esteem enormously that year.

I hope he is ok where ever he is.

Saturday 12/27/2003 7:50:16am
Name: Nicole Pennebaker (Rogers)
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Comments: Mr. Leede was my 5th grade teacher in 1980 at Cottage Lake Elementary. I will never believe that he is guilty of these charges. He was the most caring, enthusiastic, and wonderful teacher I ever had. I remember so many things about his class. We made cameras that took real pictures, we made ceramic lamps and installed the wiring and lightbulb, we made puppets and wrote our own plays (I still have my lamp and puppet.) He read us stories and encouraged us to read by creating the "Leede Better Bug" reading program. The prize for reading a certain amount of books was that you got to go on a trip to his family's vacation house on Vashon Island. I'll never forget that I read "Watership Down" that year and the trip to Vashon was so much fun.

I'm a French teacher now at a Community College and a language school and I know that Mr. Leede's positive example, and most of all enthusiasm for teaching, has influenced me in my career. I'm so sorry he has had to go through this challenge. However, I do believe that we are never given more than we can handle and if there is something to be gained by this horrible experience Mr. Leede will make the most of it. Anyway, I don't know if anyone will ever read this message, but I just wanted to be one of the many voices of support for a fabulous teacher.

Tuesday 10/14/2003 10:13:05am
Name: Zoe
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Location: Mt. Vernon, IA

Comments: Mr. Leede was also my favorite teacher-ever. Not necessarily in the sense that I had the most fun in his class, but rather when I see myself and the skills that i have now, and think about where they came from, most of my skills and strengths as a person I developed from his class. Personally, I do not believe any of the charges. I was in class with the girls that charged him and, knowing them, believe the charges to be false. Who knows their reasons to put someone that has postitively influenced so many people through something so terrible. I recieved a few letters from Mr. Leede while he was in jail. He told me stories about falling off the top bunk and other things. And yet, I still cannot imagine that jolly old teacher that made us stand up in front of the class to read our spelling jail. Just last week as I performed my first speech in a college speech communications class, thought about Mr. Leede. I was sitting next to college students terrified to go up and speak in front of people...a skill he helped me overcome in the fifth grade. Well, I could ramble on forever about how much he shaped the person I am today, but I won't. I just hope anyone reading this will think think about all sides cases like these and never assume things.

Sunday 02/24/2002 3:41:08pm
Name: David Johnston
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Location: Los Angeles (grew up in Woodinville) Comments: I don't want to believe it either. I had Mr. Leede for 5th and 6th grade and he had probably a bigger formative impact on me than anyone else besides my parents. I was shocked and dismayed to find out about the charges against him. He certainly never touched me inappropriately, though of course that doesn't proove anything. What he was, though, was the best teacher I had perhaps in my whole educational career. He taught me that you don't have to categorize yourself as an art person or a technical person. And look at me now: I'm write programs for a living and plan on going to graduate school in animation!

I had anohter teacher once who was charged with statutory rape and I was never able to talk to him again. I hope that doesn't happen with Mr. Leede. Whatever happened, I know he's still a worthwhile person who had a huge impact on my life. It's nice to know that there's someone else out there who supports him, even among the flood of negative press reports.

Veteran Northshore teacher pleads guilty Could serve jail time for touching students

Thursday, March 16, 2000
EVERETT -- Ending a long-festering case, a veteran Northshore school teacher pleaded guilty yesterday to charges he inappropriately touched six female students. The plea may land him in jail and will cost him his career.

John Carl Leede, 49, entered his plea to six charges of fourth-degree assault and one charge of communicating with a minor for immoral purposes as several parents and students watched from the back of a Snohomish County Superior Courtroom.

Leede will be sentenced to as long as seven years in jail on May 3, when he is scheduled to next appear before Judge David Hulbert. Prosecutors are recommending that Leede serve 90 days in jail, with most of the sentence suspended, pay $1,750 in fines and register as a sex offender for 10 years after he is released.

He will also surrender his teaching certificate as part of the plea agreement.

One parent whose 12-year-old daughter said Leede touched her breasts several times said he hopes the 22-year Northshore teacher will get more jail time than what prosecutors suggest.

"I wish it was more," said the 50-year-old man, declining to give his name to protect his daughter. "He's ruined a lot of kids' lives." Court papers said six girls at Kokanee Elementary School, now ranging in age from 12 to 14, complained about inappropriate touching.

School authorities had warned Leede informally about inappropriate touching. They conducted their own investigation and had finished at about the time county sheriff's detectives were separately investigating other complaints reported to them.

School officials began proceedings to fire Leede last summer. Deputy Prosecutor Michael Held said criminal charges were delayed due to lengthy investigations and, more recently, by attempts to negotiate the plea that Leede entered in court.

"We felt it was in everybody's best interest to settle this thing," said Joe McKamey, the school district's attorney.

Court papers said the touching incidents that Leede was charged with happened over a three-year period and that other incidents had occurred over the past 11 years.

Leede declined to speak with reporters yesterday. District spokeswoman Pam Steele said the principal was reprimanded for not reporting all of the touching incidents and was directed to improve his performance, though he remains at the school.

She said the district now requires that all incidents of teachers touching students be reported in writing to the district personnel office so violators can be detected more quickly.

Leede has been working in an administrative job with the district since he was removed from teaching, Steele said. When the district notified Leede it was preparing to fire him, Leede requested an administrative hearing and was kept on the district payroll. He agreed to resign at the end of the current school year, officials said.

Eight-month sentence for teacher in fondling case

Friday, June 9, 2000


A former grade school teacher who had "a significant and positive impact" on many students has been sentenced to eight months in jail for repeatedly fondling young girls.

John Carl Leede, 49, of Seattle, apologized Thursday for "inexcusable" departure from "normal (teaching) protocols" before being sentenced in Snohomish County Superior Court to more than twice the 90 days in jail that prosecutors and his own lawyer had proposed.

"It was never my intent to harm or damage students in any way," he told Judge David F. Hulbert.

In more than 20 years of teaching, Leede "has had a significant and positive impact on the lives of many young persons" but caused significant harm to others, deputy prosecutor Michael Held said.

Leede lost his last teaching job at Kokanee Elementary School near Bothell after he was arrested in May 1999 and accused of fondling girls' breasts.

In an agreement with prosecutors three months ago, he pleaded guilty to six counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of communication with a minor for immoral purposes, admitting "repeated, intentional and offensive" physical contact with fifth and sixth grade girls.

"On as many as nine or 10 different occasions over an 11-year period," Leede was counseled or admonished by colleagues and superiors about touching students but "largely ignored their advice and directives," Held wrote in court documents.

The mother of one student complained in court Thursday that Leede has told many people he did nothing wrong.

Leede's lawyer, David Allen, told the judge the ex-teacher has "a problem, and part of the problem is he's in denial."

2000 The Associated Press

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