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New hours Group will be held from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm starting June 6th.

The mission of the Kitsap County Bipolar Support group is save group health money I guess, hell I don't know what it's about.

The Kitsap County bipolar support group meets at
Group Health Collective
5002 Kitsap way
Bremerton WA 98312

It meets at 10:30am every Thursday and is open to all group health cooperative members except for the ones that are the sickest and need it the most. The ones who need help the most must go to Kitsap Mental Health instead because they have more services at Kitsap Mental Heath...... yeah that's the ticket. They don't have any bipolar support groups at Kitsap Mental Health. Patients at Kitsap Mental Health also only see their psychiatrists 4 times a year. But group health says they have much better services at KMH than at group health. Scary huh?

Please Contact Jim Trindle email or phone him at (360) 782-1722 at work or (360) 871-5453 at home or just visit him on Wilson creek circle, (he's in the big brown house on the huge wooded lot) and see if you are elite enough to go.

You can also try flagging him down in his Volkswagen in the parking lot he loves that.

If not you will be Trindled, it's a lot like being spindled but only hurts your soul and not your body. Unless of course you decide to slash your throat after, but they have a dx to cover that too. Why bother finding out the real reason why? No, no then they would have to fix it or take you off their profit making drugz. Yes the drugz are a real problem in many cases!

But who cares just keep that Risperdal popcorn coming in!