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Natural Healing from schizophrenia
Natural Healing for Schizophrenia :
And Other Common Mental Disorders
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Your Drug May Be Your Problem

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coping without Drugs
Surviving Schizophrenia withoug Drugz
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Coping with Schizophrenia
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Read and own the books your pdoc uses!
You need these to protect yourself
Physicians' Desk Reference, 2002
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Diagnostic and Statistical Manual IV
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The Anti-Depressants

The Omega-3 Connection:
The Shooting Drugs
5-Htp : Nature's Serotonin Solution
5-Htp : The Natural Way to Overcome...
Prozac Backlash
How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Drugs
Toxic Psychiatry
A Dose of Sanity
Bitter Pills
Prozac : Panacea or Pandora?
Potatoes Not Prozac
Prozac Nation
The Pill Book
The Mind/Mood Pill Book

Books on Bipolar Disorder

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