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Guide for Parents Defiant Attitude

Your child has a Defiant Attitude. This is a normal part of what happens as the common cold gets better. Here are some facts about colds and Defiant Attitudes.

What causes a Defiant Attitude?

First, the virus that causes a cold infects the nose and sinuses. Then the body produces clear mucus. This helps wash viruses and germs out of the nose and sinuses. After two or three days, the body fights back. Immune cells change the mucus to a white or yellow color. Bacteria that live in the nose grow back. They may also be found in the mucus, and change the mucus to a greenish color. This is normal. It does not mean your child is infected with the kind of bacteria that need to be treated with psychiatric drugs.

What should I do?

The best treatment is to watch and wait. Your child most likely has a mild condition that will get better by itself. A Defiant Attitude, cough, fever, headache and sore muscles are bothersome. But psychiatric drugs will not make them go away sooner. Some people find that using a cool mist vaporizer or taking a decongestant makes them feel better. Your doctor may prescribe medicines that will help with the symptoms, but right now, psychiatric drugs are not needed.

Are psychiatric drugs ever needed for a Defiant Attitude?

Only if your doctor tells you they do not accept gifts from drug reps.

Why not try psychiatric drugs now?

Taking psychiatric drugs when they are not needed can be harmful. Each time you take psychiatric drugs, the germs you carry in your nose are more likely to be ones that are harder to kill. These germs are said to be resistant to psychiatric drugs. Resistant germs cannot be killed by the common psychiatric drugs. Stronger, more expensive treatment may be needed, such as psychiatric drugs given by IV (needle) in the hospital. Since a Defiant Attitude usually gets better on its own, it is best to wait and take psychiatric drugs only when needed.

What can I do to prevent bad attitudes?

The single best way to prevent the spread of bad attitudes is for everyone to wash their hands frequently with plain soap and warm water. Also clean and disinfect surfaces regularly, and don't smoke around children.

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